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A&D Medical Blood Pressure Monitor with AccuFit Plus Cuff
A&D Medical Blood Pressure Monitor with AccuFit Plus Cuff
A&D Medical Blood Pressure Monitor with AccuFit Plus Cuff
A&D Medical Blood Pressure Monitor with AccuFit Plus Cuff

A&D Medical Blood Pressure Monitor with AccuFit Plus Cuff

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Product Details

  • A&D Medical Clinically Validated Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Accurate and Convenient
  • Many doctors recommend home blood pressure monitoring for people with hypertension and other medical conditions, and this BP monitor from A&D Medical is the perfect solution for daily measurements at home for one person or a whole family (up to four users).

    This monitor is clinically validated to meet the ESH International Protocol, including verification by a 3rd party, to ensure accurate systolic and diastolic pressure results as well as pulse rate.

    The readings are automatically recorded with a time and date stamp for a reliable record of 60 measurements per user (four users, 240 total readings). This electronic log makes it easy to monitor trends over time.

  • Key Features of the A&D Medical UA-767F Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Easy to Use and Understand
  • Simply apply the cuff to your upper arm and press the start button to take a quick and easy measurement with gentle inflation technology for a comfortable reading every time. The large LED screen, plus great built-in features, make your results reliable and easy to understand.

    Pressure Rating Indicator

    The Pressure Rating Indicator classifies your readings with a color-coded bar chart to take the guess work out of interpreting your blood pressure readings. At a glance, you’ll know if your BP is high, low, or normal (according to JCN7 guidelines).

    Irregular Heartbeat Detector
    Alerts you to an irregular heartbeat during measurement to keep you aware of changes in your heart rate. A frequent irregular heartbeat should be brought to the attention of your doctor.

    Automatic Measurement Averaging

    Best practices for taking blood pressure measurements recommend taking an average of multiple measurements. This monitor automatically averages your measurements to provide insight and trending.

  • Tips for Getting an Accurate Measurement
  • To ensure the best reading possible, the AHA recommends the following:

    • Sit quietly while taking your blood pressure.
    • Rest for 5 to 10 minutes beforehand.
    • Keep your legs uncrossed and feet flat.
    • Sit with your back straight.
    • Rest your arm on a table so cuff is at heart level.

    Be sure to avoid other things that can impact your results:

    • Do not smoke, exercise, drink or eat 30 minutes before taking your Blood Pressure.
    • Sit quietly and do not talk or move while taking a measurement.
    • Take your BP at the same time each day two times a day. Tip: Set two alarms; since your BP varies throughout the day, we recommend measuring once in the morning and once at night
    • Track your readings to look for patterns over time.
  • Cuff Size Matters

    Using the correct size cuff is important for an accurate reading. Measure the circumference of your upper arm at the midpoint between the shoulder and elbow.

    The included AccuFit Plus Cuff is designed for gentle inflation so you don't feel discomfort.

    UA-767F wide range cuff fits arm sizes 8.6-16.5" (22-42cm)
  • In the box: monitor, cuff, manual, batteries, carrying case, quick start card
  • Need help or have questions? Call us at 888-726-9966


Quick Start Guide

Technical Specifications

Measurement method
Oscillometric measurement
Measurement range
Pressure: 0 - 299 mmHg
Systolic pressure: 60 - 279 mmHg
Diastolic pressure: 40 - 200 mmHg
Pulse: 40 - 180 beats /min
Measurement accuracy
Pressure: ±3 mmHg
Pulse: ±5 %
Cuff size
8.6” 16.5” (22cm 42cm)
Power supply
4 x 1.5V batteries (R6P, LR6 or AA) or AC adapter
(TB:233 - sold separately)
Number of measurements
Approx. 700 times LR6 (alkaline batteries)
Approx. 200 times R6P (manganese batteries)
With pressure value 180 mmHg, room temperature 73.4°F (23 °C).
Internally powered ME equipment (Supplied by batteries) / Class II (Supplied by adapter)
Continuous operation mode
Clinical test
According to ANSI / AAMI SP-10 1992
Approx. 5.5" (140mm) [W] x 2.3" (60mm) [H] x 4.1" (105mm) [D]
Approx. 9.0 oz (255 g), excluding the batteries


BP Classification
Systolic BP (mmHg)
Diastolic BP (mmHg)
and <80
120 - 129
and <80
Hypertension Stage 1
130 - 139
or 80 - 89
Hypertension Stage 2
or 90+
Hypertensive Crisis
and/or 120+